About our establishment

About our establishment


Our goal is to bring back the natural beauty, fun, relaxation and excitement that was once here! Twin Lakes Resort was known for many things, especially being Hart Lodge many years ago. We hope to bring the same enthusiasm to all of our visitors at Twin Lakes Resort that all of the locals love to reminisce about.

In addition to our cabins, our resort backs on to the Twin Lakes Ski Trail Loop. The trail consists of two loops – 2 km and 3km. During the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons the trails are open for hiking. For more information regarding winter access please contact The Haliburton Highlands Nordic Trail & Ski Club Association.

We are passionate about taking care of our patrons

As owners, we are passionate about providing excellent service and hospitality to our clients. We care for every detail of their stay and love welcoming them into our home. Our clients can sense our genuine desire to make their stay enjoyable, setting us apart from other establishments. We take pride in our work and it shows in the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Testimonials

“Beautiful location and matching cottage. Ideal for short or long getaway from a city and watch starry sky or reflection of it on the water”

Beautiful rooms

Beautiful and serene rooms in a pristine environment

Choice of Activities

Choose from a wide array of activities during your stay with us

Rest and Relaxation

Relax and Unwind in an environment of unparalleled beauty

Choice beverages

Choose from selection of curated beverages

Free Wifi

We offer high-speed internet connectivity


Each cabin includes a fully functional kitchenette and a BBQ on the back deck.