Common Questions


Do you have RV or boat storage?2024-04-05T09:09:17+00:00

Yes. We have an outdoor storage facility to house all of your needs. From commercial needs to recreational – Equipment, Boats, RV’s, Fleet, Cars, Trucks, ATV, and more.

What are you check-in and check-out timings?2024-04-05T09:08:06+00:00

Check-In time is 4:00 pm. Check-Out time is 10:00 am.

Do you require a security deposit for renting a cabin?2024-04-05T09:07:46+00:00

Yes. Twin Lakes Resort holds a $250.00 security deposit for each cabin booked for any damages that may occur during your stay. This deposit will be fully refunded once the unit is inspected and clear of any damages after you check out.

What should I bring?2024-05-10T04:32:49+00:00

Drinking water: The cabin is on a septic system and a purified lake water system. If you have any concerns, please bring drinking water with you.
Linens (Bedroom, Bathroom and Kitchen): You need to bring pillows, sheets, pillowcases, sleeping bags, towels, and kitchen linens. A coverlet will be provided on each bed. We can provide sheets, towels, pillows and toiletries for an additional cost.
Personal items: Hand soap, shampoo and all other personal hygiene items.
Personal Floatation Devices (PDF): If you are planning on going out on the water, every person must have a properly fitted PDF, that you must bring with you.
Toilet paper, Kleenex and Paper Towels: There may be some of these items at the Cottage to get you started however, you should not count on it and have a supply with you when you arrive.
Flashlights: Cottage country is much different from the city when it comes to power outages. Hydro One personnel are quick to respond to issues however if we have severe weather that causes an outage these outages can be lengthy. You should have a flashlight so you can see in the dark when outside the Cottage.
Sun Tan Lotion and bug repellant are always handy in Cottage Country!

Do you have any common guest areas at the resort?2024-04-05T09:06:32+00:00

Yes. We have a large dock measuring 50′ x 40′ right at the beach with pinic tables to enjoy the view. We have a secondary dock measuring 10′ x 20′ as well for another great area to relax.

Do you have a beach?2024-04-05T09:06:12+00:00

Yes. Twin Lakes Resort offers a sandy private beach area for our guests to enjoy. The shallow entry makes it comfortable and easy to walk into the lake. As you walk out, the lake gradually gets deeper.

Is there a minimum number of nights when booking & when can I book?2024-04-05T09:05:56+00:00

Please contact us if you are looking to book for less than the minimum number of nights for any accomodation below:

HOUSE: Bookable all year round. 1 night minimum stay.
COTTAGE 41 and 43: Bookable all year round. 1 night minimum stay.
CABINS 1-11: Bookable from May 1 – October 31. Minimum 1 night stay. Check-in is Friday for a weekend booking.

When are you open for the season?2024-04-05T09:05:14+00:00

Our regular cabin rental season runs from May 1 to October 30.
Our regular house and cottage rental season runs all year round. Low season is November 1 – April 30. High season is May 1 – October 31.

What forms of payment do you accept?2024-04-05T09:04:31+00:00

We accept most major credit and debit cards. We also support the use of Apply Pay and Google Pay wallets.

What are your Resort Rules, Reservation and Cancellation Policies?2024-04-05T09:03:47+00:00
Where is your resort located?2024-04-05T09:04:07+00:00

We have a few locations, depending on which cabin/cottage/house you will be staying in:

  • Cabins 1-11:┬áLocated at 1001 Taylor Road, Minden Hills, Ontario.
  • Cottages 41 and 43:┬áLocated at 1034 Taylor Road, Minden Hills, Ontario.
  • The House:┬áLocated at 14373 Hwy 35, Minden Hills, Ontario.
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